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Upholstery Cleaning Kirkland

 Kirkland Upholstery Cleaning Services

There is a lot to be said for a clean home. But many of us here in Kirkland are forgetting one very important spot in our daily cleaning: upholstery. Although you might not think that your upholstery gets dirty, there are many reasons why your upholstery might need cleaning. We will explore just a few of them in this article. Have you ever stopped to think about just how much dirt, germs, or worse might be lurking in our furniture? Probably not. Luckily, all the super busy residents of Kirkland can give us a phone call here at Carpet Cleaning Kirkland for all their upholstery cleaning needs.

Why Does Your Upholstery Need Cleaning?

There are lots of reasons that your upholstery might need cleaning. Here are a few of the more common reasons while Kirkland residents seek us out:

  • Dirt, dust, or stains resulting from regular use over a long period of time;
  • Water, mud, or dirt stains results from leaks, floods, or other issues;
  • They have furniture upholstery that is very difficult to clean, old, or very fragile;
  • Odors or smells are lurking in upholstery from water damage, mold or mildew, pets, or even smoking inside the house;
  • Dirt left over from snacking or drinking while lounging about on furniture (this is especially common in areas, properties, or households where there are young children present;
  • The need to have blinds or even curtains cleaned on a regular basis or in preparation for an important event or guest;
  • In preparation for putting your home or property on the market to sell or even to rent.

What Services We Offer

You might think of doing your upholstery cleaning yourself. However, most people do not have the proper tools or equipment to do so. So let the professionals take care of it! We offer quite a few different upholstery cleaning services. As mentioned above, we can clean curtains or blinds. Any material, shape, size, or brand can be cleaned by our technicians. Or, we can clean any sort of furniture with upholstery. This includes entirely or partially upholstered items. Let us know if you would like a traditional upholstery cleaning, or if you would prefer green or organic cleaning services. We do our best to give our customers exactly what they would like.

Let Us Make Your Home Clean Again

Protect yourself from those things lurking in your furniture, blinds, or carpets today. Are you ready to make your Kirkland area home or property truly clean again? If so, then give us here at Carpet Cleaning Kirkland a call today at (425) 947-5762. Feel free to inquire about services, pricing, and more. We can make arrangements to come clean any and/or all of your upholstery. Or let us know if you have some pieces that we can pick up to take to our physical location to clean and return to your later.


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