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 Rug Cleaning and Rug Renewal: Two Things that Go Hand-in-hand

Rugs make great accents to homes all over Kirkland. However, with regular use, even the most beautiful rugs begin to look worn and dirty. Luckily, you can simply give us here at Carpet Cleaning Kirkland a call to have your rug cleaned. We clean a whole variety of rugs. Everything from traditional, Flokati, or Japanese handmade rugs to synthetic fiber rugs. Our professionals have combined years of experience in just cleaning rugs! Here, we will tell you more about our rug cleaning services.

Let us Take Over

We know that a lot of people have very busy schedules these days. We do not always get to vacuum our rugs a few times a week, like we should. We might not even get the chance to shake them out. Whether you do or do not get to do these things, we can still help you clean your rugs. Just give us a call. If needed, we can come to you and pick up your rug. We will them transport it to our physical location. Once there, we will quickly clean your rugs and bring them back to life. Then, we can return them directly to you.

Reviving Your Rugs

How can a simple cleaning help to make your rugs look great again? Simple! Dirt dulls details on the design of your rug. Overtime, traffic over particular areas can lead to streaks, stains, and more. With a simple cleaning, your rug will appear brighter and prettier. Have a rug that is water damaged? We can help with that, too. Our before and after pictures speak for themselves. All it takes is a few hours (in most cases) for us to make your rug look new again.

How We Do It

Making a rug look great again takes a lot of time, effort, and care. Luckily, we have plenty of staff who specialize in rug cleaning. We use green or organic chemicals for rug cleaning whenever possible. Carpet Cleaning Kirkland also tries to practice sustainable rug cleaning whenever possible. If stains are particularly bad, we can even spot treat them. Our professionals will spend hours doing their best to bring your rugs back to life. Although cleaning solutions and elbow grease plays an important part in getting these rugs clean, so does the expertise of our staff who works hard to bring you back fabulous looking rugs.

Contact Us

Are you in the need of a rug cleaning? Do you need the services of the best rug cleaning business in the Kirkland area? If so, contact us here at Carpet Cleaning Kirkland. You can email us right here from our webpage. Or give us a phone call at (425) 947-5762. In just a few minutes, we can set-up pick-up for your dirty rug. Don’t be surprised if you are not sure the rug we return to you is the same you gave us!


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